Easter celebration is meant to commemorate the death and subsequent resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, which development, marks the very anchor of Christianity. It shows our acknowledgement and appreciation of the sacrifices of Jesus and his eventual triumph over the devil for the salvation of man.

Ordinarily, the celebration of this auspicious milestone on the Christian calendar is characterized by church festivities and merrymaking because of its great significance. For the past three years however, these activities were largely restricted due the global deadly Covid-19 pandemic, which has drastically changed the world order.

Fortunately, this year, by the grace of God, we are seeing a return to normalcy, even though we are not completely out of the woods yet. And so, much as the restrictions have been significantly relaxed, we still need to be health conscious and moderate in our celebrations.

The NPP takes this opportunity to call on Christians, to use the occasion of Easter to intensify their prayers and supplication to God for divinity to find favour with the World and Ghana in particular to overcome the difficult economic times we are in, which have been largely occasioned by the deadly impact of the pandemic, and now aggravated the Russian-Ukraine war.

The NPP also implores the Christian community to give proper meaning to the very essence of Easter and take a cue from the sacrifices of our Lord Jesus Christ by committing themselves to making sacrifices for the underprivileged in society by making generous contributions to them. We should also use this occasion to reflect and revive our commitment to the cause of national development.

Finally, the NPP is confident that with the kind of commitment being shown by the government of President Akufo-Addo and the overwhelming support the government is receiving from the Ghanaian people, sooner than later, Ghana will not only completely defeat the pandemic but also significantly resolve all our economic woes. Indeed, as we always say, this too, shall pass to the glory of God and country.



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