The attention of the NPP General Secretary, John Boadu, has been drawn to a statement with the above caption, which has been making rounds on social media, and is purported to come from one Alhassan Muniru, who claimed to be the President of Concerned NPP Members, Northern Region.

The statement is replete with spurious and unsubstantiated allegations against the person of the General Secretary, including claims that the General Secretary had defied “his own ground rules of a temporary ban on all forms of campaign activities on the impending NPP internal National Executives contest slated for 2022”.

Ordinarily, the General Secretary would not dignify such blatant falsehoods and mischief perpetrated by persons who are not even bold enough to own their statement, and are hiding behind pseudo groups to advance their interest.

However, conscious of the likelihood that some unsuspecting members of the public including party people who may have seen this statement, may be tempted to give it some modicum of substance in the absence of credible information to the contrary, the General Secretary has found it necessary to respond to the allegations and expose its blatant falsity.

To start with, it is not true that the NPP, through the General Secretary, has issued any statement or drafted any ground rules governing the conduct of the 2022 national officer’s elections, where it has placed a temporary ban on all forms of campaign activities, contrary to what has been claimed in the said mischievous statement.

It therefore cannot be true that the General Secretary is intimidating or disadvantaging his potential contenders with any tactic such as placing a temporary ban on their campaign activities as falsely claimed in the statement.

However, what is true is that, the party is currently in the process of considering a draft code of ethics and guidelines for pre-elections period in respect of the conduct of the 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary primaries.

Indeed, at the last National Council meeting of the party, held on Monday, 31st May, 2021, a 5-member committee chaired by Lawyer Frank Davies, was constituted to fine-tune the proposed code of ethics for the 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary primaries, before details of the code of ethics are made public. How can a code of ethics and for that matter rules which have not been finalized nor made public, be said to be in force?

In any case, the code of ethics, as indicated, only applies to Presidential and Parliamentary primaries. There is also no evidence that the party has taken or is taking steps to gag, prevent, or sanction any prospective aspirant for any national executives’ position for breaches of “non-existing rules”. So, what exactly is the point of these mischief makers?

Secondly, it is also not true that the General Secretary was recently engaged in his personal campaign activities in the Northern part of the country, under the guise of meeting regional and constituency party executives, as claimed in the statement.

It must be noted that the work of a General Secretary of a serious political party like the NPP is not constricted to the national capital, Accra. The General Secretary, per the NPP Constitution, is in charge of the general operations and administration of the party at all levels and in all the 16 regions and 275 constituencies of the country.

And so, since his election as General Secretary of the party, John Boadu has been crisscrossing every nook and cranny of the country to ensure that the party is functioning properly across all the levels of the party structure and organization.

It would also be recalled that, as part of his usual rounds, John Boadu, in the past week or two, embarked on a working visit to the 5-regions in the North, which occasion he used to monitor and participate in the ongoing vetting exercise for party members who have applied for appointment as MMDCEs.

Again, prior to his recent rounds, the General Secretary, together with the National Chairman, Hon. Freddy Blay, had led all the national executives of the party on a nationwide ‘thank you’ tour to touch base with the party grassroots, and energize its base in preparations for the next general elections.

As they say, in the face of incontrovertible and verifiable facts and records, lies and propaganda will always be exposed to the glory of Allah.


Alhaji Iddi Muhayu-Deen
Aide to John Boadu

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