Kate Gyamfua’s Farmers’ Day Message

Kate Gyamfua’s Farmers’ Day Message

On this day, set aside to specially celebrate our gallant farmers and fisher-folks, whose toil continue to feed our nation and beyond, I wish all of you well.
As I have stated earlier, your toils and sweat have sustained this nation to this far and your contribution to the nation’s economic growth is unmatched.
Your activities have given employment to many Ghanaians and it is the reason why celebrating you today is in the right order.
On behalf of all women, especially, women of the governing New Patriotic Party, I wish to say a big thank you, for without farmers and fishermen we could not have been Good Mothers.
Particularly, our mothers, sisters and daughters who are in the farming and fishing business, we cannot underestimate your effort.

I say Ayekoo to all Fishermen and Farmers

Kate Gyamfua
National Women’s Organizer
New Patriotic Party (NPP)

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