Kate Gyamfua’s 2021 Easter Message

It is that time of the year again when Christians, all over the world, remember the painful but pertinent suffering and death of the Messiah and the joy of his resurrection. As I keep saying every year: “On Easter we celebrate love, love coming down from heaven, love blanketing the earth in a transforming embrace; unique and infinite love, giving more than we can imagine for us, to cleanse our sins.”

As our Lord Jesus Christ mounts the cross on Easter Friday and rises on Resurrection Sunday, I join many Christians around the world to wish all a fruitful Easter. I use this opportunity to reiterate my call on “all of us to make the reason why the Messiah ascended the cross have an impact on our lives”. I further use this occasion to plead with all and sundry to extend helping hands to those that for some reason cannot enjoy this day. I know that when special people touch our lives, then suddenly we see how beautiful and wonderful our world can really be.

As I have said before: “the basis of life is people and how they relate to us. Our success, fulfilment and happiness depend upon our ability to relate effectively to others.”
I am, therefore, calling on all of us who can afford to let somebody who could not have laughed for some reason laugh on this special occasion.

I also use this opportunity to plead with all to be extra careful in our happy mood. The times we are in even make this caution more profound. The hike in the nation’s Covid-19 cases after our 2020 general election and Christmas celebration informs us to be on the side of caution this time to avert a potential spike or third wave of the pandemic on our shores.

I know due to our inability to enjoy, fully, the festivity last, year, we may be tempted to over celebrate this year, but let us remember that “we are not out of the woods yet”. We are winning, but let win completely. Until the Precedent and the nation’s target of 20 million people are vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, ‘we cannot let our guard down’.
Our Easter Celebration will have no meaning if we end the celebration with sicknesses, injuries, or death.

Let us be moderate in our happy mood and let the meaning behind the celebration impact our lives.

Happy Easter to the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and his family, the Vice-President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, and his family, all gallant women and men in the New Patriotic Party and every single Ghanaian.
May the reason for the season be a blessing to us all.
Kate Gyamfua
National Women’s Organiser

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