Hurray!!!! It is the almighty Daakyehene’s day, and social media, has, rightly so, been awash with testimonies about his illustrious works and the impact he has had on this generation and beyond.

Of course, I cannot be left out of the frenzy, and so, I gladly join the rest of the world to celebrate the man, described by many, as the most decorated Minister in the Akufo-Addo government; the man who successfully spearheaded and superintended over the biggest educational intervention in the nation’s post colonial history, the international award winning Free SHS;

the man who touches lives like none other; the man who sweeps every award he is nominated; the man, in whose DNA, you can only find success and possibilities; the man who personifies hope and exemplifies compassion and humility.

Based on his proven track-record, the whole nation is confident that he is that man who can PERMANENTLY resolve Ghana’s perennial energy crisis. Just as he left an unimpeachable legacy at the Education Ministry, he is certainly on course to leaving even a more fascinating legacy at the Energy Ministry.

Happy birthday Hon. Dr. Matthew Opoku; the go-getter Napo; the people’s Napo; my Napo, your Napo, and our Napo. May almighty ALLAH continue to overwhelm you with His abundant blessings and favors. And may you continue to impact generations and inspire all!!!

Alhaji Iddi Muhayu-Deen

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