Election Petition: “Don’t Give Up . . . We Know What We Are Doing” – Sammy Gyamfi Gives Party Members Falls Hope

National Communications Officer and a member of the legal team of former President John Mahama has asked members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) not to ‘give up’.

Speaking after a Supreme Court ruling which dismissed Mr Mahama’s application for a review of the Supreme Court’s decision to reopen his case, Sammy Gyamfi said, “we want to tell them that we understand and appreciate your frustrations. We understand and appreciate that and we are telling you don’t give up. We are not doing this for nothing. We know what we are doing and we are dong this because of the love we have for Ghana, particularly that of the Petitioner . .  ”.

His comment comes on the back of calls from some members of the party to withdraw the 2020 election petition since the Supreme Court has thrown out several of their applications.

However, Sammy Gyamfi said in as much as their ‘frustrations’ are understandable, there is the need to be patient.

“Those who are crestfallen, those who are discouraged and sometimes call us, worried and disturbed saying, ‘Why don’t you withdraw this matter?’, ‘You shouldn’t even go to court’ . . . Let us all be patient with the legal team as we go through the process. We are not abusing the court processes like some are suggesting and we have not defied the orders of the court,” he noted.

This tells us and the world that many observers have seen that the vagueness of the petition, including some members of the NDC. We wish Sammy Gyamfi sees it too.

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