Fellow Ghanaians, as we approach election 2020, where we shall have yet another opportunity to decide the destiny of this country, it is important that those who have voice are heard speaking. It is important that those who have ears are seen listening.

It is important that those who have eyes are seen watching. It is important that those who have pen are seen writing. It is important that everybody who has certain strength is seen using his strength to help our fellow countrymen and women make an informed decision come December 7.

This is what it means to be citizens and not spectators. You and I have lived the John Mahama-led NDC regime and have experienced how bitter and devastating it was. It was, without doubt, a regime of collapsing economy; a regime of acute energy crisis; a regime of joblessness and hopelessness; a regime of unbridled corruption and scandals.

Today, the same people, led by the same man, John Mahama, who destroyed everything Ghanaian, are asking us to give them yet another chance to rule this country. I am not sure we will be fair to our very own conscience and to our Motherland if we grant them audience. The John Mahama of yesterday is the same John Mahama of today. His appointment of a femane Running Mate does not change the narrative about him.

In any case, she was part of the John Mahama government that gave us this raw deal. She, in fact, played a leading role in the many excesses that characterized the erstwhile NDC government particularly in the education sector. We cannot be hoodwinked into making a wrong choice on December 7. We must expose Prof Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang for who she really is. And more importantly, we must expose the NDC and in particular, Mr. John Mahama, for who he really is.

It is for this reason that, now more than ever, I am going to be speaking very loudly through a means I christen, IDDI MUHAYU-DEEN’s FOLDER, and I encourage you to also get talking because silence CANNOT be an option for a true citizen at a material time like this. Speak and speak out loudly, else, you will be governed by incompetence. This is a call to national duty, and we owe it to our Motherland to rise to the occasion.

Assalamu alaikum

Iddi Muhayu-Deen


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